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Email for Aleppo

News is coming in of a massive assault on eastern Aleppo by Russia and the Syrian regime. 

We want to send 1,000 emails to the Prime Minister.


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Ask your MP to stand up for the rights of displaced children

Send your MP a message using our form. 

Ask them to write to Prime Minister Theresa May urging her to prioritise the rights of children forced to flee conflict. 

We've pre-filled the email with text but you can change the content if you like. 


We need 200 people to email their MP.


149 of 200 have emailed. Will you help us reach 200?

Theresa May: Protect the rights of child refugees

Tell the Prime Minister to stand up for the rights of children who are forced to flee war.

17,000 children are forced to flee conflict and persecution every day.

The international laws that were designed to protect them are routinely ignored. Children are indiscriminately targeted in conflicts such as the civil war in Syria. 

We need 3,000 signatures.


2,279 have signed the petition. Will you help us reach 3,000?

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