UK Government: We need a clear plan for protecting Syria's children

Enough is Enough

The war in Syria has now been raging for six years – as long as World War 2.  

Tens of thousands of children have been killed, over 400,000 are living under siege, and over 2 million have had to flee the fighting.  

The scale of the attacks on children’s homes, their hospitals and their schools, their exposure to siege warfare and chemical weapon attack can mean only one thing – this is a war on Syria’s children.

During these six years, the response of the international community to the conflict has been inadequate and failed to end these attacks on Syria’s children.  

It’s time to say Enough is Enough. We've enlisted impassioned support from a host of famous faces to back our campaign but we need your help too.  

Write to your MP calling on the UK Government to come up with a clear plan on how they are going to better support and protect Syria’s children, and bring this fighting to an end.